Tips to Make Your Home Diwali Ready

Goddess Lakshmi to come home! Diwali is the festival of lights. All of us eagerly wait for the festival. From love, care, wishes and blessings, we receive a bundle of happiness. Diwali brings a wave of excitement, joy and delight. You have numerous things in mind to do on Diwali including buying gifts for your dear ones, welcoming a number of guests, eating and offering sweets, lighting fireworks and having lots of fun. The festival brings a unique kind of positive energy to the home. We lamp hundreds of diyas in the home that signifies a bright life, we decorate the home that signifies the beauty in life, we offer and eat sweets that signify all goodness in our lives and we worship Goddess Lakshmi for prosperity, wealth and happiness in our lives. This is how the beauty of the festival of Diwali is celebrated everywhere in India.

Not only the day of Diwali but the celebrations continue a few days before and after Diwali when other festivals like Dhanteras, Choti Diwali, Govardhan Puja and Bhai Dooj fall. Well, when it comes to ritual or festivals, we turn into a different mode. We try to do things we no page unturned. Festivals in our country are celebrated wholeheartedly and the first thing that comes to mind is the decoration of the house. As you welcome many people to your home, it is even more important to make the house look different, positive and attractive. Deepavali is amongst the festivals that hold a special position and we start doing preparations a month prior to the day. Home decoration for Diwali needs a different theme. You need to prepare your home that is traditionally rich and beautiful.  Are you looking for exciting ways to decorate your home brilliantly on this Diwali? This post points out a slew of a list with home decoration ideas for Diwali, let’s go through.

Flower Decoration

Let’s begin from the entrance of the house. Any place with chains of flowers looks amazingly beautiful. On this Diwali, you just need to buy flowers/chains in a good amount and decorate the exterior with flowers only. You can consider marigold or roses with green leaves to give a more traditional look. Decorate the main gate with marigold chains and green leaves, your entrance is now ready for Diwali. Hang the flower chains on the doors and windows in the exterior area, the outer area is now ready to welcome your guests. If you want, you can also decorate the interior doors and windows with flowers. Also, buy beautiful and colourful sand pots, fill them with water with a few marigold flowers floating in. You can do it with no space for doubt. The idea is going to add an incredible beauty to the house.


Rangoli has been our tradition since ages. Our ancestors used to make rangolis with natural colours which undoubtedly were an excellent piece of art. So, in order to make rangolis, buy all lovely colours that signify positivity and beauty. Keep the rangoli design in mind. If you have a good hand with arts, you need no help to create a beautiful rangoli. Alternatively, those who find it a tough job can use the rangoli frames available in the market. If possible, draw the rangoli in the centre and just after a few steps of the entrance so that your guests could start feeling incredible at the very first step. Moreover, put traditional lamps or diyas around the drawing and light them in the evening. Also, you can place a sand pot with flowers and floating candles in the centre of the rangoli. The whole arrangement will add extreme charm to the house. Take pictures and keep them as memories or as ideas for next festival.


Lights are an integral part of the festival of Diwali. When the whole country is brightened-up, why not decorate your home with excellent quality lights? However, take an oath on this Diwali that whatever you do, do consider your country. In this regard, let us buy Diwali light chains from an Indian brand and do our bit in providing a financial support to our motherland. Well, since the exterior must have interesting lights, you need to go a little innovative. Make sure that you do not overdo. Keep it decent and good looking. There are several interesting light lamps and fixtures in the market that are specially designed for Diwali, you can go for these instead of light strips/chains. It will do nothing but give a unique look to the house.


Keep the home scented with lovely fragrances. Make sure that it should be a light and soothing fragrance instead of strong that cannot be tolerated for hours. You can use incense sticks, herbs, essential oils or aroma candles. Be it you or anyone who comes to your home, the place is going to please everyone.

Pooja Room

Yeah, Puja room is the most important place to decorate on the day of Diwali. Since you sit in puja room for long to do all the rituals, chant mantras and worship Goddess, it must have an atmosphere that could create positive energy. On Diwali, clean every nook and corner of the room. Make sure that there is no dirt remained anywhere. Wash all the idols and articles in the temple, change the pieces of clothes on the idol of Gods. Make sure that you do the cleaning during the day. Buy beautiful new clothes and give the room a new look. Decorate the room with lights and flowers that will make the temple more beautiful in the evening while you do rituals. You can also burn incense sticks in puja room before a few minutes to have the place scented.


The entire house must have a positive energy on the day of Diwali. There are two reasons, first is that you welcome the Goddess and the second is that you invite friends and families. So, you need to convert the rooms in the house into a wonderland. After cleaning the rooms during the day, do some decoration things like you can hang artificial or original flower chains or put some articles including paintings. You can also consider Rajasthani decorative hanging articles; these are pretty things that add ultimate beauty to the house. Additionally, they are more on the traditional side when it comes to looks. So, for Diwali, it could be a good choice. Also, we have a tradition to put diyas at every place in the house after puja. So, make sure that the rooms have a diya in each corner. It not only complies with the ritual but adds beauty to the place and atmosphere.

Moreover, since the kitchen is an important part of the house, it also must be taken care of when it comes to decoration. Does kitchen need to be decorated? Definitely! You can use paintings, arts and craft to put or hang in the kitchen to make it look attractive. Not only your guests but you will love to step in the kitchen. Know that the kitchen also must have a lamp. You can burn an incense stick in the kitchen as well.

Drawing Room

Drawing or living room is another important place as you get your guests seated here. Therefore, it is good to make the place attractive, warm and energetic. As per your choice, you can buy the decoration objects to put in the room. It is a good idea to light aroma candles in the living room. You can also consider putting a sand pot with floating candles and flowers. Well, before doing all that, make sure that everything at the place is well organized and is not looking untidy. You also need to make sure that there is no dust on the furniture and curtains. The cleaning part needs to be done a few days before Diwali while dusting on the same day too.

Since this is Diwali, is it perfect to have the plates of sweets and nuts on tables in dining and drawing rooms. It is not only a part of hospitality but provides a different look. Imagine that you enter a place that has plates full of desserts, how are you going to feel? Undoubtedly fantastic! Similarly, your guests will do. Also, if you have bought gifts for your guests, keep them handy. There is no problem in putting the gifts in the same room. Packed gifts do nothing but look attractive and exciting.

Now, those who have their own home will certainly implement the ideas wholeheartedly. However, those who are still looking for a home can also celebrate Diwali to the fullest and later can get in touch with us to own a property in Delhi, Gurgaon, Faridabad or at any nearby location. We wish you have your own home by the next Diwali. Enjoy!

Dealhotoaisi.com wishes you a very happy, prosperous and safe Diwali!

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